Monday, June 4, 2012

Jeremy Scott F/W 2012

Can't get enough of him! One of my favourite designer.    
Everything designed by him is just so gorgeous and EXPENSIVE. 
Well, I only managed to get one pair of his shoes, the panda. Which is my favourite!
wait... everything from him is my favourite, I just don't wanna end up looking fabulous #likeacelebrity but staying under the bridge #likeabeggar. That scene...HORRIBLE.
Okay, back to reality...

 Long champ x jeremy scott
Planned to get the post card bag but it's too huge, cannot be an everyday bag. Oh well at least I got my cambridge satchel. Nope, totally not bragging

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I'm actually having my mid term break and I just came back from malacca with Adrian. We had an awesome food trip! I've gain 5kg and I'm happy with it! Guess what?! Adrian lost 1kg, what sorcery is this!!!!!!!
Currently just came back from a party, super tired! Will do a REAL post ASAP! Good night people!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grand opening @ Stage KL

Was invited to Stage last Thursday...errr If I'm not wrong.
It's their grand opening night, so yeah it's very happening.
Went there with buddies. Nothing much, just some pics :)
Stage it's located @ Avenue K
Oh look! It's Junfook :D
Can't drink much cause the next day I have exams and I feel SHITTY! :(

Stay tuned for the upcoming post :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day! A late post, but then everyday is mother's day for my beloved Queen lah. 
Actually there is nothing special, just that she will receive present on special occasion.
Well, it's not that I don't  wanna get her what she wants, but whatever she wants it's WAYYYYY over my budget. Like seriously, WAYYY OVER.
This year we bought her a necklace from the brand, ya' know the one with the swan on it.
Apparently, she don't likes it and we went to exchanged it. She chose a dangling earring.
Should had thought of that! Stupid me :'(

Okay, don't wanna be so long winded, you guys won't read anyway.
Went to Spasso to have our dinner.

Italian cuisine! 
Voila, my queen. OH-HAIL mama cho! She is wearing the earring :3
The queen and the slave, queen was like " why you smile like this, so fake one! you don't wanna take pic with me isit!!! " I think quite nice lor! pfftt...
Bro and bro's gf ( Mann )
Beef Rossini.
SO DELICIOUS T_____T I can't even...
Lamb thingy... DELICIOUS TOO! 
Carbonara. X (Y)
Hope you guys know what X(Y) means. 
Mushroom and Bresaola. 
Scamorza affumicata and speck. (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y) MAX!
Chocolate Lava cake for desserts.
The foods there it's delicious and affordable or should I say worth it. Hmmm, you guys should try it out. FYI, it's located at pavilion. 
US with the messy table! lol. Lastly, LOL to my queen!
It means lots of love lar!!!

Btw, WE ( Adrian, Carmen and I ) got featured in "Tongue in chic" do have a look at HERE :) 
Gonna go grab myself a cup noodle now, the result of blogging about delicious foods. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Shirreen!

Happy 17th Birthday to my beloved Shirreen. 
We had been friends for 8 years, thank you for all the happy memories.
Time flies so fast, we grew up together during this 8 years.
You're a good friend, I'm so glad that I had you.
Hopefully you'll cry watching this video, ya' know making you feel touched is a very hard thing.
I cannot...I teared while writing this.
Lastly Happy birthday! Love you so much that I can't even describe.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Stress out! Mid term sucks! anyway, had my chilling session last saturday just to release some stress and to accompany the more stress out Carmen. Some drama happened to her, I don't think I'm gonna write it out here. We actually chilled more than 3 places ( La Bodega, Wong kok, Palate Palatte and In house )
Unbelievable, we broke our own record. Shall summary what happen that day.
So we start our day by eating and drinking. Next, we eat and drink, then eat and drink again, continue eat eat eat eat eat eat eat like a fucking pig and drink drink drink drink, then camwhore camwhore camwhore. full stop. NON STOP EATING! FATS Y U NO HERE YET T______T
yea, I'm bragging and waiting karma to strike on me. :P

Like finally I'm wearing my DM, I guess it need some sun-bathing.
Ordered my favorite Sangria! 
 Sangria + cheese burger = perfect combo .

Chilling at our favorite cafe! ( palata palatte ) 
It's located at Changkat, a very artsy place.
We decided to come here cause Adrian felt left out as he didn't came here before. lmao.
 some vain picsssss...
 playing with the props, maybe people think we are crazy, but...
we don't think we are!
Oh wait, maybe we are...problem?? *troll face*
 Gonna end this post with a very cute pic. well, I think is cute.
PHOTO OF DA DAY!!! Love this pic so much, yea I rapped the rubber donkey cause it's yellow. Eat that :P

Account paper  later, I'm doing revision , as if... Good night.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fashion Bazaar @ Publika

Bonjour guys! Well, apparently I'm back to blogging. Since my mom and friends support me, why not? right? Gave my blog a new layout! not the wonderland-yellowish-fantasy-theme anymore, I wanna try something different. Very satisfied with the header, tho mummy said it's kinda creepy and my domain had expired. Lazy to make a new one, let's stick with this first. I know I know it's shitty cause it has a "s" in the middle of my name. I don't really like it, oh well will change it back when I have time (midterm exam is coming!!! T___T)

Okay, I don't wanna be long-winded, let's start with the fashion bazaar I attended with Adrian, Carmen and Perry located Publika last sunday.

       Cam whore in the car! he is too ugly that he wanna cover up his face, I guess...
 The environment at fashion bazaar! Lots of cheap and awesome stuffs! 
 Adrian, Carmen and I 
  "CHEAP" and nice accessories! Poor Adrian, he bought a ring for RM25 and we saw the same one at other booth for only RM10!!!!! I think he learned his lesson. lol 
 Random people's shoes! Loving the studs! I want one!!!! :( 
 Pretteh ladies! But look!!! Perry photo boomed it...
 Hunting for cheap stuffs!!!
Met awesome people too.
 With the famous Jin and Reuben Kang! Jin Y U NO LOOK INTO MY CAM T_T 
 The pretty Isabella Kuan! I look super hideous :'( 
 Ean from! I look super hideous 2 :'(
 Nana and I :) 
Next, we went to the art and food section.
Random photos...
 Random #1 
 Random #2 (if I'm rich, I'll totally get it!)
Nah, lazy to type! scroll down! 
Love this booth so much! so vintage!!! ahhhh childhood...
 And and and random drawing! LOVE IT!!!111111
 Carmen and I with the pretty cambridge satchel! Hideous #3 so I added a sticker on my face.
So gonna get one cambridge satchel for myself in the future! 
 AN HONEST MISTAKE! awesome local band! do check them out!

After that, we went to chill @ The bee.
 So delicious horrr!!! 
She was in a dilemma whether she should eat or not cause she was having her diet plan, but too bad, we ruined it AGAIN! hahaha... and ice cream from the last polka (Y) damn delicious! you guys should try the salted gula melaka one!!!

That's it! I think my blogging skill sucks dy lor! :'(
anyway, do follow me at twitter and instagram! Ciao!